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H2H 4. 152. Christopher Wilder. The Collector of Beautiful Things.

Florida, 1984. Well-to-do real-estate and construction company owner Christopher Wilder loved many things. Racing cars,showing off his speed boat and amateur photography. And girls. He liked young girls and women. Not to date them, but to dominate them. For the months of March and April in 1984, a guy known as a consummate gentleman with an eye for beauty, Chris will go coast to coast, luring his victims with the promise of modeling contracts and magazine covers. He would abduct the beautiful girls then rape, torture them before ending their life. This is the story of Christopher Wilder. The Collector of Beautiful Things.

Sources used for this podcast:

The Commercial Appeal | 4.15.1984

Orlando Sentinel | 4.14.1984 | Sentinel Services

The Miami News | 4.14.1984 | Luisa Yanez

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