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Kris Calvert

Kris is a former marketing and PR mercenary, who writes thriller and suspense books along with hosting the true crime podcast, Hitched 2 Homicide. In real life, she's hitched to Emmy nominated composer, Rob Pottorf and is momma to two grown children––one a brilliant scientist, the other a triple-threat actor, singer and dancer on Broadway and screen. When she's not podcasting or writing, she takes care of one needy rescue pup and likes to bake gluten free cupcakes. Bless her heart, Kris has celiac disease.

You can check out Kris's books here:

And even download some free books!

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Rob Pottorf

Rob Pottorf is the better half of Kris Calvert and an Emmy nominated composer for film, television and live entertainment. His movie scores include features films with 20th Century Fox, Lion's Gate, CBS, Paramount, INSP, Turner Network, HGTV, CourtTV, Nickelodeon and Hallmark. His music can also be heard on/at Disney, Seaworld, Busch Gardens and others.

When he's not co-hosting the true crime podcast, Hitched 2 Homicide, he's also producing it and writing all the music. He's also very good at talking his wife down from the ledge.

Check out Rob's music here:

You can also find him on: SPOTIFY  PANDORA

as well as other music platforms.

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