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H2H 4. 192. The Fatal Feud. Becky and Tim Bliefnick.

February 23, 2023, Quincy, Illinois. Becky Bliefnick is home alone at her house on Kentucky Road when an intruder breaks in through the second story window. Chased down a hallway and trapped inside the master bathroom, Becky is shot 14 times and will suffer for minutes lying in the dark, waiting to die. The would be assailant took nothing from the home—only Becky’s life. Who would do such a thing? She was a beautiful, brilliant nurse and mother of three. But she was in the middle of a contentious and ugly divorce. A divorce from a man who once gave a game show answer to the biggest mistake on your wedding day as I do.  This is Becky and Tim Bliefnick. The Fatal Feud.

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