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H2H 4. 200. Beulah Louise Overell and George Bud Gollum. Murder on the Mary E.

March 15, 1947, Newport Harbor, California. Walter and Beulah Overell are enjoying a night on their yacht the Mary E. With their daughter, Louise and her fiancé, George Gollum, better known as Bud. Around 11 pm, Louise and Bud leave the yacht to go ashorelooking to get food at a late night burger joint. But when they returned to the pier, the yacht was on fire and sinking. The Mary E had exploded with Louise’s parents on board. Was it an accident? A murder suicide? Or was it intentional murder on the part of their daughter, Louise and the man she loved—in so many ways. This is the story of Louise Overell and Bud Gollum. Murder on the Mary E.

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Photos and YouTube clips


Photos and Video Clips for YouTube

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