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H2H 4. 201. Ken Rex McElroy. It Happened in Plain Sight.

July 10, 1981, Skidmore, Missouri. A man climbs into the cab of his pick-up truck after leaving the D & G Tavern. He starts the truck. Pausing  to light a cigarette,  shots ring out behind and in front of him, shattering glass and killing the man inside. Forty-five people witnessed the shooting, but when it was over, no one called 911. After picking up the shell casings, the people of this small farming community went on about their business. The dead man inside the truck had robbed, raped, burned and shot the townspeople of Skidmore without ever paying the price. So they took their own pound of flesh and never spoke of it again. This is the mysterious murder of Ken Rex McElroy. It happened in plain sight.

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