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H2H 4. 182. The Alphabet Murders

In the early 70’s, over than span of two years, three young girls were taken in broad daylight just blocks from their homes in Rochester, New York. All with alliterative first and last names. All from broken homes. All dumped in areas with the same initial of their name. There were a few who were eyed as suspects, but even now, fifty years later with DNA, advanced fingerprinting and advances in criminal profiling, this case is still unsolved and the killer could still be walking among us. This is the story of Carmen Colón, Wanda Walkowicz and Michelle Maenza. The Alphabet Murders.

*This case deals with the rape and murder of minor children. Listener discretion is advised.

If you have any information about the murders of these three young girls, contact the New York State Police at or call 585-398-4100.

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