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H2H 5. 208. The Dynamite Fiend. The Deadly Deeds of Alexander Keith, Jr.

In the annals of criminal history, there are figures whose tales are steeped in darkness and blood, leaving a mark that lingers in the collective memory. One such figure is Alexander Keith Jr., known infamously as "The Dynamite Fiend." A man of imposing stature with a penchant for ostentatious displays of wealth and a disregard for societal norms, Keith's story is one of deceit, greed, and unfathomable violence.

Born into privilege, Alexander Keith Jr. was the scion of a prominent family in Nova Scotia, Canada. Yet, despite his privileged upbringing, Keith harbored a restless spirit and an insatiable desire for wealth and adventure. It was this thirst for fortune that led him down a path of deception and ultimately, to the most heinous act of his criminal career.

Keith's nefarious exploits began during the tumultuous era of the American Civil War. Using his charm and cunning, he ingratiated himself with Confederate sympathizers, spinning tales of daring blockade runs and promising riches beyond imagination. However, behind his façade of bravado lurked a darker intent.

As Keith's schemes evolved, so too did the scale of his crimes. What began as simple fraud soon escalated into something far more sinister.

But it was on a fateful day in December 13, 1875, that Keith's reign of terror reached its horrifying climax. The Mosel was setting sail and on the boat was a barrel full of dynamite. When the men loading it onto the boat accidentally drop it, the dynamite explodes injuring over 50 and killing 81 innocent souls.

To this day, the true extent of Alexander Keith Jr.'s crimes remains shrouded in mystery, his legacy tarnished by bloodshed and infamy. But amidst the darkness, his story serves as a chilling reminder of the depths to which human depravity can sink, and the enduring allure of power and greed.

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