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H2H 4. 168. Rex Heuermann. The Long Island Serial Killer and Pizza Crusts.

When Shannan Gilbert disappeared near Ocean Parkway on Long Island, New York, May 1st 2010 after a 23 minute 911 call, no one could’ve ever imagined what it would spark. While training a cadaver dog, and looking for Shannan near Ocean Parkway, a body is discovered wrapped in burlap type material. When police looked closer, there were actually four dead bodies—all escorts. Over the next several months, they would uncover more bodies, and body parts all in the same dense brush in less than a two-mile stretch of road. It would take years and a team from FBI, state and local police to crack some of these murders using high-end technology, and…pizza crusts. This is the story of accused murderer, Rex Heuermann and his alleged victims. This is the Long Island Serial Killer and Pizza Crusts.

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