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H2H 3. 102. Betsy Faria, her Husband Russ and Killer, Pam Hupp. Part 2 of 2.

Betsy Faria was dead. Her husband Russ sitting in jail for her murder while Pam Hupp is counting the 150,000 dollars of Betsy’s life insurance money. Are the police really this inept? You might be surprised. Because soon Pam’s mother will die mysteriously and who is the life insurance beneficiary? Pam Hupp. And when people in town, in the local and national news start looking at her as a killer, Pam does what? She kills again. This is a story of lies, a man wrongly convicted, a small town police force with an ego, a DA as green as a frog in clover and a killer…a serial killer. This is the incredible true story of the murder of Betsy Faria, her husband Russ, Louis Gumpenberger and murderer…Pam Hupp.


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