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H2H 4. 153. Edward Hall and Eleanor Mills. The Preacher, the Choir Singer and the Pig Woman.

September 16, 1922 New Brunswick New Jersey. A married man and his teenage girlfriend discover two bodies on a lover’s lane near an abandoned farm. Shocking to say the least, but even more scandalous were the names attached to the corpses. The minister at the local Episcopal church and a lady of the choir. Their murders went unsolved and were swept under the carpet quickly by the church and a wealthy family. That is, until a fledgling

New York Newspaper brought evidence forward to open the case again—and sell papers. By the time the trial is over, this story will capture the attention of the entire country with its midnight arrests, lust-filled love letters, odd accusations and even the testimony of some unlikely characters. This is the story of the Rev. Edward Hall and Eleanor Mills. The Preacher, the Choir Singer, and the Pig Woman.

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