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H2H 3. 143 William "Bill" Bonin. The Freeway Killer. Part 2 of 2

From May of 1979 to June of 1980, one man murdered a minimum of twenty-one young men and boys in Southern California. Preying on hitchhikers, he would pick up his victims in his van, take them to a location, torture, beat, rape, sodomize and strangle them before dumping their naked bodies along the freeway. He’d been to prison and jail, but he’d also been paroled—twice. He eluded police and even kept his accomplices quiet. He was considered at the time to be the most arch-evil person who ever existed. This is the story of William "Bill" Bonin. The Freeway Killer. Part 2 of 2.

* Warning. This H2H Episode deals with the subjects of rape and sodomy. Listener discretion is advised.


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