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H2H 3.127 The Jamison Family Deaths. Mystery or Murder?

October 8, 2009. Bobby and Sherilynn Jamison along with six-year-old daughter Madyson drive thirty miles from their lake home in Eufaula, Oklahoma to see a forty acre plot of land near Red Oak, in Northeast Latimer County. They’re thinking of not just moving, but moving off grid. One day later, the entire family mysteriously disappears leaving behind everything including their beloved dog. Were they abducted? Were they involved in a drug deal? Were they engaged in a spiritual warfare with a demonic presence? When their bodies are found 4 years later, even more questions arise. This is the Jamison Family Deaths. Mystery or Murder?

Sources used for this podcast:

The Oklahoman | 02.19.2014

The Oklahoman | 10.24.2009 | Johnny Johnson

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