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H2H 3.126 Susan Wright. Blue-eyed Blonde? Or Blackened Heart?

Texas, 2003. Thirty-four-year-old Jeff Wright is murdered by his wife. On this January night in Houston, Susan Wright —a woman described as beautiful, meek and mild-mannered —stabbed her husband not once, not twice, but 193 times. Was he an abusive spouse? Maybe? Did she tie him to the bed before plunging a knife into his body 193 times? Possibly. This case has everything: deception, abuse, mental illness, drugs and yes, murder. Or was it a last ditch effort of self-defense by a battered wife? This is Susan Wright. Blue-eyed Blonde? Or Blackened Heart?

*If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse call: 800-799-7233

Sources used for this podcast:

The Tyler Morning Telegraph | 01.28.2003 | AP

Fort Worth Star-Telegram | 01.21.2003 | Mark Babineck

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