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H2H S.5 E.214 William Talbott II | Justice Delayed

November 19, 1987: A Tragic Trip Begins

On a seemingly ordinary November day in 1987, young Canadian couple Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg embarked on a journey to Seattle, Washington. Tasked with picking up furnace parts for Jay’s father, they decided to make a fun outing of the errand. Crossing the border from British Columbia into the United States, they had no idea that this trip would be their last.

The Disappearance

When Jay and Tanya failed to return home on time, concern quickly grew among their families. Days turned into a nightmare when Tanya’s lifeless body was discovered in a ditch near Alger, Washington. She had been sexually assaulted and shot. Just two days later, Jay’s body was found 60 miles away under a bridge in Snoqualmie, strangled with a pack of cigarettes shoved down his throat. The gruesome discoveries shattered the lives of their loved ones and the broader community, initiating a lengthy and challenging investigation.

The Cold Case

Despite persistent efforts, the investigation faced numerous challenges, leaving detectives with few leads and no clear suspects. The case went cold, becoming one of the many unsolved mysteries haunting the Pacific Northwest. Jay and Tanya's families, however, never gave up hope, maintaining their quest for justice for over three decades.

The Breakthrough

In 2018, advancements in DNA technology brought a breakthrough in the cold case. Investigators utilized genetic genealogy to trace DNA evidence left at the crime scenes to a distant relative of the suspect. This innovative technique led them to William Earl Talbott II, a truck driver from Washington. It was the suspect’s second cousin who had unknowingly provided the crucial link that broke open the case.

The Arrest and Trial

William Earl Talbott II was arrested and charged with the murders of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg. The trial, held in 2019, presented compelling evidence connecting Talbott to the crime scenes, including the DNA match and testimonies about his movements around the time of the murders. In June 2019, a jury found Talbott guilty, providing a long-awaited sense of justice and closure for the victims' families.

Justice Delayed but Not Denied

The story of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg serves as a poignant reminder of the devastating impact of violent crime and the enduring quest for justice. Their families’ perseverance, coupled with modern forensic science, ultimately brought a resolution to a case that had haunted the community for over three decades.

Hitched 2 Homicide

Join us on Hitched 2 Homicide as we delve deeper into the chilling details of this case, exploring the lives cut tragically short and the relentless pursuit of justice that finally prevailed. This is more than a story of crime; it’s a journey into the lives of two young people that ended too soon, and the man who couldn't escape his crime.

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