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H2H 3. 100. Rodney Alcala. The Dating Game Killer.

From 1968 until his final arrest in 1979, one man would lure, victims usually by telling them he wanted to take their photograph—before beating, raping and strangling them until they lost consciousness. He’d then wait for them to revive only to do it all over again before finally committing murder. It will take decades before he is brought to justice, and many believe for the 12 solved murders attributed to him, there are over a hundred others that remain in cold case files. He was charming, smart and smooth. So much so, that in the middle of his murderous spree, he was a contestant on the Dating Game—and he won the girl. This is the story of Rodney James Alcala. The Dating Game Killer.

Here are the sources used for this podcast.


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