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H2H S5. E212. Heather Strube | Her Killer Outlaw In-law

The Tragic Case of Heather Strube: A True Crime Podcast Feature

On April 26, 2011, the small town of Snellville, Georgia, was shaken by a brutal crime that left a young mother dead and a community searching for answers. Heather Strube, a 25-year-old mother, met her estranged husband in the Target parking lot for a routine custody exchange of their 18-month-old son, Carson. What followed was a shocking act of violence that would unravel a web of bizarre and incriminating details.

Heather Strube’s life was tragically cut short when, after the custody exchange, a person in disguise confronted her in the parking lot. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a strange figure dressed in a wig reminiscent of Sonny Bono’s hairstyle, a fake mustache, and exhibiting a peculiar walk. This individual approached Heather, exchanged words with her, then pointed a gun at her forehead, pulled the trigger, and calmly walked away, leaving Heather lifeless on the ground.

The audacity and surreal nature of the disguise initially baffled investigators. The killer’s outfit—a wig, mustache, and peculiar gait—seemed almost too theatrical to be real, yet it effectively concealed the assailant’s identity. However, the investigation soon revealed a deeper, more personal motive behind the murder.

Two key witnesses played crucial roles in unraveling the mystery. These men provided testimony that helped prosecutors piece together the events leading up to and following Heather's murder. Their accounts, combined with forensic evidence, pointed investigators towards a chilling conclusion: the killer was someone Heather knew intimately.

The evidence eventually led to the arrest and conviction of Joanna Hayes, Heather Strube’s mother-in-law. Hayes had disguised herself in the bizarre costume to carry out the murder, motivated by a deep-seated animosity towards Heather. Her plan, meticulously executed, included the outlandish disguise to mislead witnesses and investigators.

The trial of Joanna Hayes captivated the nation, as the bizarre nature of the crime and the dramatic courtroom revelations unfolded. Hayes was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, providing a sense of closure to Heather’s family and the community of Snellville.

Heather Strube’s story is a tragic reminder of the lengths some individuals will go to in pursuit of their vendettas. It also highlights the critical role of eyewitness testimony and forensic evidence in bringing justice to victims and their families. Her case continues to be a poignant topic in true crime circles, illustrating both the dark complexities of human relationships and the relentless pursuit of justice.

For those fascinated by true crime, the Heather Strube case serves as a compelling and cautionary tale, reminding us of the real and often heartbreaking stories behind the headlines. Tune in to our true crime podcast to hear more about Heather Strube’s life, the investigation that brought her killer to justice, and the lasting impact of this tragic event on the Snellville community.

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