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H2H 3. 109. The Real Amityville Horror. Part 2 of 2.

November 13, 1974. South shore Long Island, NY. Six members of the DeFeo family are shot dead around 3 am on Ocean Avenue. Mother, Father, two sons and two daughters. Surviving? The oldest child, 23 year old Ronald DeFeo, Jr. These tragic murders have long-since been overshadowed by a family that moved into 112 Ocean Ave after the DeFeos were brutally killed—The Lutz family—of whom none died. There are books, documentaries, more than one Hollywood movie and tons of believers as well as skeptics about this home. In Part Two, and in this week’s episode, we’re joined again by Psychic Medium Kathryn Kauffman who is here to help us all understand the tragedy, the fame and the paranormal activity that followed. This is Real Amityville Horror. Part Two.

Thank you to our guest, Psychic Medium Kathryn Kauffman. For more information on Kathryn and her services, or to follow her on social media, click below.

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