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H2H 4.162. Darlie Routier. Guilty? Or Innocent on Death Row?

June 6, 1996, Rowlett, Texas. Two small boys and their mother are sleeping in the family room for the night. The mother wakes, and a man in dark clothing and a baseball hat is standing at her feet. In a frenzy, she screams and runs through her house after him. When she turns on the lights she sees that both of her children have been mortally wounded. But when local police and EMS arrive, the scene was more than they were capable of handling. And now, 27 years later, it’s unclear if anyone will ever know who murdered little Devon and Damon. This is the story of Darlie Lynn Routier. Guilty? Or innocent on death row?

911 Call of Darlie Routier June 6, 1996

Sources used for this podcast:

ABC News 20/20 Darlie Routier | 5.8.2019

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